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EIC REFUND DELAY:  Refunds will begin processing for payment 02/28/2017


All about us?

Asloan Tax Consultant is a small family owned business. Our clients are mostly located throughout the triad area, we are proud to continue serving local clients. Our business specialize in all areas of Federal and State taxation and also offer a host of specialty services that can cater to the unique needs of each client individually. 

We take pride in being able to serve a range of individuals and small business financial needs. All of our consultants are trained and certified and we always use our expertise in saving your money and assisting with maximizing your tax deductions, which ALWAYS equal BIGGER REFUNDS! 

It's simple we are the experts when dealing with your financial issues, needs and situations and always abreast of the latest tax laws!

Top "5" reason to get excited about using our services:

#1 We offer NEW clients a guarantee of up to a 50% bigger refund, then there previous provider;

#2 We are the only 100% online Tax Service, making it easier for everyone's schedule;

#3 Save time and upload, fax or e-mail your information;

#4 Fast refund processing: usually get your refund within 7-10 business days;

#5 We are consultants, not just preparers!  So we are experts on your behalf.


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 We will begin processing PAST YEAR RETURNS in June 2017!  Get your TAX PENALTIES waived plus get a REFUND!